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Wellbeing and Emotional Intelligence at Seeing Machines

Nothing we love more than working with organisation who are committed to supporting their people and ensuring they have the skills both technical and personal skills to thrive in the workplace, lead others and build resilient workplaces.

Seeing Machines is a global Australian owned company whose long term goal is to build machines that can better understand the humans they serve. Their commitment to understanding Human behaviour extends to their Human centric approach to upskilling their largely technical workforce.

Urspace co designed a whole of organisation learning and development initiative with a focus on wellbeing and emotional intelligence. The program ran over an eight month period and  ensured that staff at all levels had the opportunity to build their emotional intelligence and resilience. Staff from Australia and the USA attended a series of F2F and online individual and group sessions.


Participant Feedback

“My key learning from the session was identifying key behaviours to continue, stop, and work on in order to work more effectively with others.”

“Emotions have a bigger affect than you think. there’s always another side to the story and it isn’t always personal, so think about why someone is acting the way they are before reacting in a similar way.”

“I’ll monitor my emotions and how they affect me and the people I work with. I’ll also use techniques to keep myself grounded and to have more authentic conversations.”

“I’m looking forward to practicing body language that builds rapport, and developing the communication skills to handle emotions of others effectively.”

“I am going to revise my finances, set up practical goals to save money for a Holiday and also have a goal to start connecting with people.”

“I am going to be kind to myself, cut myself some slack.”

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