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Your Contemporary
Employee Assistance Program

Bridging the gap between a reactive and proactive approach to staff wellbeing.

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What is an EAP?

An EAP is an employee benefit that is generally offered at no cost to employees. Essentially, an EAP is designed as an intervention program that serves to identify and help employees with resolving problems in their lives that may be impacting on performance. In some cases, the problem is serious enough to put the employee and the company at risk.


An EAP is a confidential, short-term counselling/coaching service to assist employees with work or personal issues impacting on their performance.  Employees participate and interact with an EAP on a voluntary basis. 


Why have an EAP?

Identifying and addressing problems at work can be stressful for both the employee and management. With our EAP services, professional coaches, counsellors and psychologists are on-hand to help resolve issues across a wide range of areas including:

  • General feelings of anxiety, stress or depression

  • Feeling overwhelmed by pressures in the workplace and/or situations at home

  • Personal issues with family members

  • Family challenges such as divorce, serious illness or a death in the family

  • Conflict with a team member or members

  • Frustration with lack of career progression

  • The struggle to successfully return to work after a period of extended leave

The evolution of Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

It is our mission to destigmatise the use of EAP services. Traditional Employee Assistance Programs have a utilisation rate of less than 5%, thus only reaching a few employees who raise their hand and ask for help. Our Contemporary Employee Assistance Programs embrace the digital experience and support 100% of employees proactively, so they stay healthy both at work and at home.

Traditional EAP

  • Reactive

  • Underutilised

  • Based on fragmented technology

  • Lack Privacy

  • Hard to access the right fit when it comes to the right coach or counsellor

  • Relevant to only a few employees

Modern EAP

  • Proactive

  • Well informed

  • Encourage high Participation

  • Have a broad professional network of coaches, counsellors and psychologists

  • Personalised from the first call through to delivery of services

  • A good fit

The                  Difference

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The current environment has seen a spike in the need for employee assistance and our proactive approach is designed to remove the stigma typically associated with EAP through the use of targeted marketing, forward thinking solutions and a service provider that can meet the needs of individuals in the contemporary workplace.

Our innovative and forward thinking approach combines the use of subject matter experts with the support and collaboration of wellbeing specialists who can deliver traditional EAP services together with  proactive and evidence based face to face, phone and digital support through a multi-faceted approach to employee wellbeing.

Employee Assistance Professional Association of Australia (EAPAA)

Urspace is a member of Employee Assistance Professional Association of Australia (EAPAA), which demonstrate we are committed to the development of best practices EAP in Australiasia.


​In co-operation with employees and management, EAPAA members' primary objective is to provide some of the most effective employee assistance services to individuals and their families suffering from personal or work related problems, which negatively affect their work and wellbeing.

Help your employees feel valued

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