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Supporting the People that

Support our Communities

Supporting those that support our most vulnerable is both a passion and a privilege for the Urspace team.

We have worked with teams from Ronald McDonald House Charities in QLD, VIC and TAS, the wellbeing & resilience programs provided staff with the opportunity to “fit their own oxygen masks” so that they had the energy and resilience to do the critical work that they do.


Participants used the Adesso wellbeing profile and framework to articulate and measure wellbeing and develop strategies to increase individual and team resilience. The sessions where dynamic and interactive and provided the opportunity for people to pause and take a breath, reflect on their own needs and set goals.


We also had the opportunity to work with Managers & Leaders to address how they can support the wellbeing of their teams, understand their responsibilities and get comfortable having conversations that really matter.

Participant Feedback

“Urspace created an environment conducive to learning. I learnt “why people do the things they do.” Sometimes, the factors that drive people to act are as/more important as the actions themselves.”


“The program allowed me to reflect on how I can become a better and more mindful person. Having a goal in mind for improving my wellbeing.”


“Fantastic, engaging facilitation. Thoroughly enjoyed the session. Appropriate subject matter. P.s snack was appreciated.”

“Fresh approach to learning about leadership, Great reflection, loved the interactive nature and it wasn’t too much or cringy. Thanks so much.”

“A key learning for me was to learn to pause - Event, breath, respond, self-care, aware of others.”

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