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Resilient Teams

Participants will explore their ideals and utilise the latest research
around wellbeing, team cohesion and neuroscience to develop a
realistic and sustainable action plan to address their individual needs and develop strategies to connect, inspire and support their team.

In our hyper connected world people are feeling more and more disconnected.  This one day interactive and transformational training has been designed for teams who want to genuinely connect and take their results to the next level.

Recent studies have shown that 80% of work related stress comes from internal team communication issues. With this in mind participants will learn how to truly connect and deal with uncertainty and ambiguity.

Participants will:

Explore and articulate the connection between wellbeing and engagement

Utilise the Adesso to measure current state and frame ideals

Develop strategies to maintain individual and team wellbeing

Learn how to deeply connect with others in their team

How to identify solutions to team issues and conflict

How to build a resilient team

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