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Building and nurturing relationships in the workplace

The most integral part of driving performance in any workplace is to understand and be understood.

This program will utilise the Real8 framework to take participants on a journey of exploration, reflection, and learning. The 8 steps of the framework will provide participants with the skills to navigate common workplace issues, misconceptions and limitations and enable them to build genuine and collaborative relationships.


This interactive and informative program has been designed for individuals who want to build more effective and sustainable relationships with staff clients and stakeholders and brings together the latest research and frameworks designed to create a human bond between people.

Participants will:

Explore and articulate the importance of building and maintaining relationships to drive business outcomes

Utilise the Real8 framework as an approach to creating sustainable relationships.

Increase awareness of others needs, limitations and expectations


Explore the benefits of adopting a growth mindset approach to relationship building


Practice techniques to help build and maintain rapport

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