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NLP Practitioner Training

Seven Day Program

This intensive seven-day training provides an in-depth introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), it will enable you to gain a comprehensive understanding of communication, and of modelling excellence in order to achieve outstanding results on both a personal and professional level.

NLP has been applied successfully across business, coaching, sport and personal development for many decades.


On successful completion of the training and all assessments, including 40 hours of pre study, participants will be certified as an NLP practitioner, and can apply for membership with the Australian Board of NLP.

Participants will:

Learn to communicate with power and integrity

Apply processes for personal and organisational change

Understand Linguistic patterns and questioning techniques

Discover how to use metaphors and strategies to influence

Learn to move through internal blocks and eliminate negative emotions

I undertook the NLP Practitioner Course with Antoniette Gomez. I was drawn to NLP Practitioner to develop my leadership and communication skills, specifically to improve my ability to read people and anticipate their perspectives, and communicate with greater influence. The course also offered me the opportunity to strengthen my coaching skills. The course achieved these outcomes for me, and so much more.

—  Director, Department of Defence

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