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Leading with Heart

Participants will explore their ideals and utilise the latest research
around wellbeing, leadership and neuroscience to develop a realistic and sustainable action plan to address their individual needs and develop strategies to connect, inspire and support their people.

This interactive training is built around extensive research in leadership, wellbeing and neuroscience and has been designed for the leader who is ready to step up and be seen. Leading with heart is an immersive experience where leaders have the opportunity to reflect on what it takes to lead effectively, and the courage to be vulnerable allowing them to connect with their teams and stakeholders on a whole new level.

Recent studies have shown that leaders are not meeting employees’ basic human needs of finding purpose, connection & genuine happiness in their work. This Program will equip leaders with the strategies and mindset to join the global movement and take a more people centric approach to achieving great results.

Participants will:

Explore and articulate the connection between effective leadership and wellbeing

Utilise the Adesso to measure current state and frame ideals

Develop strategies to maintain their energy to lead

Discover how to take a people centric approach to increase engagement

Learn the three keys to leading with heart – Mindfulness, Selflessness & Compassion

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