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Gold Coast Health
Building In-House Capability

We were delighted to work with Gold Coast Health to build in house capability to support the wellbeing and resilience of their staff. Staff from four clinical streams completed the program and brought with them a wealth of experience and insights that contributed to the success of the program.


The program was both interactive and informative, and together Urspace and Gold Coast Health have led the way in embracing this innovative approach. Bringing together on staff expertise and understanding of context and combining this with the latest science based approach to wellbeing and resilience in the workforce.

The facilitators completed an intense two-day certification process in the Adesso® Wellbeing Inventory and the supporting learning programs.


Participant Feedback

“There is constant change within the healthcare system and at Gold Coast Health, and our staff face a lot of challenges. Building their resilience and adaptability helps them to better navigate these.”

“It’s a key issue that staff approach me about, so becoming a program facilitator allows me to add to my knowledge and skillset so that I am better equipped to support them.”

“A stand out for me was understanding rapport – we often break rapport when we’re busy, for example we’ll look at text messages when people are trying to communicate with us."

“Giving your co-workers, clients and patients your full attention and listening mindfully is so valuable as people genuinely notice when you practice attentiveness.”

“We all need a health and wellbeing framework in our lives – there needs to be a balance of wellbeing in the form of purpose, mind, body, connection and financial to have total health.”

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