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Adesso Certification Program

The Adesso certification program is designed for learning and organisational development professionals, workplace wellbeing facilitators, human resource consultants/managers, executive coaches and organisational psychologists.

The certification program explores the impact of wellbeing, mindset and perspective on individuals and organisations. Further to this, participants will learn from coaching and wellbeing experts who develop and apply wellbeing, coaching and resilience strategies with business leaders across all sectors.

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Participants will leave the certification program being able to:

Design and sell wellbeing
and coaching solutions.

Develop individuals’ and teams’ resilience by assessing and debriefing
their diagnostic results and assisting in creating sustainable and effective
wellbeing initiatives.

Provide practical tools and
techniques for addressing
wellbeing at an individual and team level in the workplace.

Design and deliver group wellbeing and resilience training sessions.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the five drivers of wellbeing

  • Articulate the business case for wellbeing

  • Facilitate a wellbeing action plan

  • Facilitate an individual and group debrief

  • Design effective wellbeing and resilience development solutions

  • Facilitate a wellbeing and resilience sessions

  • Sell the Adesso Profiling tool to clients

During the full-day certification program the following topics will be covered:

• Understanding the links between workplace productivity, engagement and wellbeing

• The five drivers of wellbeing
• Assessment overview
• Interpreting and debriefing Adesso results for individuals
• Group-based debriefs
• Interpreting organisational wellbeing and trends
• Best practice assessment and debriefing
• Project administration

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