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Change - Perform - Refine

Participants will have the opportunity to deepen and strengthen their ability to manage and lead complex change. Complex change is not a one dimensional process, its dynamic and involves many variables, stakeholders, perspectives and paradoxes.

This interactive and transformational program has been designed to equip participants with the necessary tools to effectively deal with complex change, from the perspective of both the individual and the organisation.


This program will explore participants ability to adapt to change and is designed to provide the time and space for meaningful conversation, exploration and practical skill development. This program will provide time out for leaders and managers to focus on how best to work, manage and lead an organisation through complex change.

Participants will:

Explore and articulate what complex change is and how to manage it from both an individual and an organisational perspective


Discover the dynamics of change and the broad range of stakeholders it involves


Understand the benefits open communication can have on a changing environment


Explore the research and recommended strategies to manage change


Learn to design and implement change frameworks in daily activities and within the broader organisation

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