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Australian Independent Schools Wellbeing Initiative

Current research, such as the recently released Global Happiness and Wellbeing Policy Report 2019, posits ‘that one’s wellbeing has a significant role to play in the attraction, retention and sustainability of teachers for the profession. To consider the teachers’ wellbeing is a somewhat new phenomenon across the world as most research to date has focussed on the deficit model and the inhibitors and stressors that contribute to an unwell teacher’. White, M., & McCallum, F. (Ch.5)


Urspace partnered with the Association of Independent Schools of the ACT (AISACT) to deliver a bespoke wellbeing program for staff in Member Schools.


The program is a two year initiative, designed to create a holistic and sustainable wellbeing solution for staff. Throughout the duration of the initiative, ACT Independent Schools gained benchmark data using the Adesso profiling tool, a tailored suite of programs based on developmental preferences, and wellbeing ambassadors in participating schools to drive long-term sustainable results.

We had eight schools involved in the program with three ambassadors from each school.


The program allowed participants to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Adesso wellbeing framework and use it to help staff articulate and measure wellbeing. Participants were exposed to strategies and the latest research equipping them with the confidence and skills to design and drive wellbeing initiatives.

Participant Feedback

“Wonderful, informative sessions. I am looking forward to doing this across the school”.

“This is a great initiative that all workplaces need to invest in”.

“Brilliant, meaningful, relevant, fun, engaging, research based”.

“I feel confident and empowered to coach others in regards to their wellbeing”.

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